Tiny Art Show


September 16 – 18, 2016
Cinecycle, Toronto
Organized by Sydney Morrison & Aidan Mcteague

“The Tiny Art Show features a range of emerging and established visual artists from across the GTA calling to question ‘bigger is better’.  With a focus on small-scale artworks, this three day exhibition showcases paintings, drawings, printmaking, and mixed media from twenty-four Toronto artists.”


Artist Roster:

Aidan Mcteague, Sydney Erin Morrison, Jill Duncan, Clay Culver, Katelyn Butcher, Uyen Huynh, Brianna Tosswill, Vanessa Tadman, Renée Hayward, Richard Willson, Aline Onoe, Sara Vargas, Roxanne Curci, Rabeea Syed, Isabelle Wrigglesworth, Connie Santos, Salini Perera, Bree Rappaport, John Holland, Emilee Lorna, Sam Hill, Nina Elisa, Leah Rainey and Sayaka Imamura.

Graphic Design by Rabeea Syed