July 4 – 18, 2016
Dylan Ellis Gallery, Toronto
Organized by Sydney Morrison & Caitlin Legere

Catalyst is an exploration of the human condition, specifically addressing moments of change and how transitions are navigated in an empowering way. This includes situations or junctures that have transformative stimulants or hardships; rather than remaining stagnant at a crossroad, Catalyst aims to bring focus on the underlying struggle within the pursuit of self-liberation and happiness. ”

catalyst collage for website

Artist Roster:

Sydney Morrison, Caitlin Legere, Clayton Culver, John Holland, Connie Santos, Roxanne Peckham, Victoria Lee Panos, Leslie Hockley, Malgorzata Cholodecka, Lady Mary Bugyra, Megan Sergi, Megan Terriss, Michael Drolet and Nicole Moss.

Performer Roster:

Sam Antics, Ksenija Spasic, Tess Jewell and Se’lah Genesis.

Photos courtesy of Kyle Steffler, graphic design by Caitlin Legere.